RefurbTech are leaders in Certified Recycling and Refurbishment of your IT hardware. We aim to bring our clients maximum financial return on their IT equipment.

We provide environmentally conscious methods in order for your company to be greener and help the environment. Our processes of IT asset recycling and refurbishment mean old IT hardware can be given a second life.

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About Us

RefurbTech excels in IT refurbishment and recycling. We believe by providing a cost effective solution to businesses we can provide value back to our customers while also helping the environment. Our team of technicians are experienced in the refurbishment of all forms of IT assets. Whether it’s data center equipment, PCs, networking equipment etc we have experience in the refurbishment and recycling of this!

We specialise in:

  • Refurbishment of your IT equipment
  • Certified recycling

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Why Choose Us

We’re passionate about providing a service which is cost effective for our clients and also environmentally responsible. In some cases by recycling or refurbishing your products with us you can earn an extra source of income from your old unused IT hardware.

We’re passionate about the environment and ensuring your company is efficiently disposing and reusing IT assets correctly.

We refurbish over 70% of IT products meaning you can reuse your old IT equipment without unnecessarily spending on new equipment.

We use quality original manufacturers parts and we adhere to manufacturer repair practices meaning you’ll get guaranteed top quality refurbished equipment.

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Individual Client Approach

We understand that each client’s requirements are different. We offer an individual approach to make sure your specific needs are fulfilled.

High Level Of Service

We have a dedicated team of professionals that will ensure your recycling or refurbishment is carried out efficiently and according to our quality standards.

Convenient Collection Service

We offer an easy and convenient collection service from any location in Ireland. Once refurbishment is complete we will dispatch it back out to you at no extra cost.

Let’s Make the Planet Cleaner

Providing cost effective solutions to businesses while also helping the environment.